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Common questions

TaxPilot uses the most advanced artificial intelligence LLM with up to date New Zealand sole trader tax information to provide accurate answers. It analyses your query and searches through a vast database of tax laws and regulations to provide you with a reliable response.

TaxPilot is creating a vast database of New Zealand tax laws. Our AI stays within the bounds of that information and we have added guardrails to not provide wrong information. However, TaxPilot is still in beta and it’s an educational, research and reference tool. TaxPilot answers are not a tax advice. Please always double check the sources and make your own decision and chat with a tax professional.

Yes, TaxPilot uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure your data is safe and secure. Please don’t provide IRD numbers or any sensitive information to TaxPilot.

TaxPilot is trained on the latest New Zealand tax data and sources. We are improving TaxPilot and in public beta.

TaxPilot is an educational, research and reference tool and no answer of TaxPilot should be considered as legal tax advice.

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