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We’re here to empower the independent workforce

More kiwis are choosing the freedom of going solo than ever before. As freelancers ourselves, our mission is to put the knowledge, tools and control in your hands so you can achieve more financial freedom and success.
Self-employed accounting software nz

Put the power in your hands

Join us as we strive to revolutionise self-employed accounting and put more freedom at your fingertips.

Hard to get wrong

Accounting that’s hard to get wrong instead of hard to get right.

Easiest accounting available

The easiest accounting software ever created. That’s our focus.

Most accurate accounting

The most accurate way to do your accounting. That’s our goal.

Makes you money

Accounting software that makes you far more than it costs you.

Self-employed accounting software

Our story

Going Solo

Forging your own path takes courage. We’re driven to help self-employed New Zealanders succeed.
As freelancers and contractors ourselves, we know all too well the challenges of being self-employed: unexpected tax bills that wipe out your savings, never knowing how much money you can actually spend, overkill accounting software that somehow still only does half the job, the lack of practical information about what you can claim, and feeling like it’s nearly impossible to get ahead.

That’s why we set out to create Solo; self-employed accounting software that’s simple, intuitive and streamlines the entire tax process in one place. Because achieving self-employed success should be simple.

Your entire tax journey – in one place

More than just tracking income and expenses, more than just filing returns. Solo fills in the gaps and intuitively streamlines the entire tax process.

Track income & expenses

Sync your bank accounts and confidently claim expenses with New Zealand specific income and expense categories.

Real-time tax calculations

Effortlessly stay on top of your taxes with real-time accurate calculations for income tax, provisional tax, GST and ACC.

Put tax money aside

Always know exactly how much tax money you owe and how much you can spend. Make your next purchase with confidence.

File & pay tax returns

Solo gives you everything you need to confidently file and pay income tax returns and GST returns.

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From expenses to tax returns and more, you’ll discover the effortless way to stay on top of it all.
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